When Lambs lead Lions-Manifest destiny
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Written by Chris

October 12, 2010

A question? What happens if the young generations accept the impossibility of sustainability? Reaching a goal of social equality? What happens when we state as a people, “There is no point, it is impossible to change, why fight the status quo?”

A true danger presents itself from this pessimism and there is good reason why we must fight to stay positive

When Lambs lead Lions is a film directed by Robert Redford that discusses just this concept. The movie starts with a misdirected political US executive branch, two young men who want to change it all by joining the military and lift up the people and lead the way of “change”, and a university student who observes the “way it is” and feeling the pessimism of the world around, translates it into complacency. The plot lies on a college professor telling the college student of the two men who wanted to change it all.

The point of the story is that the educated student is potentially our greatest ability to change the world for the better and also our greatest risk to do nothing and change it for the worse. It is the idealism and freedom of thought and expression often found most in high school and university students that drives invention, change, and better practices that can carry us into a brighter future. But what happens when we in grain a state of complacency, hopelessness, and fear into our young minds? They are fed the status quo….and that’s it. A true danger exists and the responsibility lies on teacher, parent, and student alike. Hope, conversation, support, and a positive attitude remain or greatest allies in allowing our students and youth to not only see a better future, but make that future a reality.

A short but important thought on keeping our youth positive and why we should do just that.

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