What it is to feel alive
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Written by Chris

May 19, 2009

This does not apply to everyone in the world for the world is filled with many people from many countries, but there are cases in which I believe this to be true

I woke at 5:30 to eat breakfast and put oil into the gas tanks for another long day of field work off the coast of Paracas, Peru. Sliding the boat into the water with my two co-workers, I tied down the equipment while my boss worked on getting the motor started. It always takes a couple of minutes pulling the crank before it sputters  itself to life. It was at this moment after tying the gear down and waiting for the motor to crank over that I looked out across the bay towards the sand dunes with fresh paints of color sweeping over them with the rising sun. My gaze then settled between the dunes and boat on a group of Guanay black cormorants (Phalacrocorax bougainvillii) rising high in the air and then screaming down into the water for fish. It was a stark contrast from the tranquility of the morning and my hazy eyes, but an action I observed them doing throughout the day. Simply put, if they don’t carry out a constant practice of feeding they die. Because of this they are forced by hunger to rise each day at dawn and hunt. For humans on the other hand, many people in many countries under well structured economies can go days, and sometimes months without having to rise to work or rise at all. In essence it is the squirl saving food for the winter at its’ finest, that and division of labour, class structure and a host of other human constructions that liberates most from a hunter gather lifestyle. But it is in that action of liberating ourselves from the daily requirements, that many of us including myself from time to time find ourselves stuck to a TV, computer, or couch with no real purpose. Our natural endorphins drop and one may expeience what some call depression. This would mean that by actively taking away our need to satisfy daily requirements, we may  have to actively find purpose in order to feel alive on a daily basis. A simple thought in its’ own, to feel alive one must live

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