Waiting for a train
Yurts at Poncha Pass - Colorado Yurt Rentals and Sustainable Building Workshops - Photo of Chris in ground of Earthship

Written by Chris

April 14, 2013

The platform is quiet. The soft orange lights bathe the concrete in a hue, bound to last throughout the night. Trains move slowly across the yard, sliding into place where they will briefly sit at rest before tomorrow comes sending them once again, racing about.

It is cold and the snow comes down in sudden rushes as the breeze picks flakes up briefly, before gravity exerts an ultimate force. For the last 6 months, I have often arrived at this station after an evening in the city, waiting for the eventual train that will take me home.

Walking slowly down the empty platform, I have grown to appreciate the time to reflect on the evening, the moments come and gone, the past, and my movement forward. Movement defines our lives and as things pick up speed, hurling us ever quicker into the future, this place sits quietly, constantly. Void of external stimulation, it awaits me often and beckons me to pause; it puts my life on hold anywhere from 5 to 29 minutes.

Initially, it was a nuisance as it consumed my time periodically. But with passing nights, weeks, and months, I realized that the ability to stop and think does not come along often in this blur of an electronic world. To reflect is to take time to observe the past and learn from it. It is a powerful tool I have begun to truly appreciate and the reason I have come to enjoy my periodic visits to this empty platform.

But keeping to the one constant in life, change is inevitable and as the lights of a distant train start to form down the tracks to take me home, so has a new house become available in the city. So it is unlikely that I will be on this platform late at night by myself waiting from 5 to 29 minutes, anytime soon. I will however keep my eyes and thoughts open for the next place I come across that beckons me to spend a moment, a moment to reflect.

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