Tiny Home Workshop summer 2019
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Written by Chris

March 18, 2019

From the onset of my efforts to build a sustainable education and retreat center, the true value of the project I have thought, remained in the ability to one, be a case study of affordable & sustainable living and two, focus on the education or dissemination of what it takes to bring such a project to realization.

Already, having spent last autumn working on the first yurt and key infrastructure, I find myself learning a multitude of things concerning the purchasing of land, easements, water rights and raising a yurt/home. From what it takes to pour foundations, bringing water and sewer into the home, to what wood to use and how to use it, and finally the overall costs that are actually incorporated in erecting a yurt with flush toilet, shower, hot water, and kitchen. Not surprisingly, this energy-efficient “tiny home” will end up costing a fraction of a traditional home and already is a case study towards a method of avoiding long-term debt, living on needs vs. wants, and overall a path towards a simpler life which I do believe our generation is grasping at.

Winter snows deliver Aspens much needed water at Poncha Pass.

This said, I am realizing that I do not need to complete all the yurts before offering education on what it takes to build and live in one. Thus, during the summer of 2019, I will begin to offer the first educational workshops to be held at Poncha Pass.

This is a pilot of many educational programs to come. There is no set start date or finish date and it will involve many a bonfires. There will be minimal organization and thoughts will mostly be on the fly. New ideas will be written on scratch paper and many lost in late night conversations under the stars. Mostly, it will inspire and whether you come for an evening or a week, the aim is to show you another way to live. Beginnings are never polished yet the most magic is always found at the start.

I will give people a break down on costs, time frames, and give them the blue prints of the dream should they want to make it their own. This blueprint guide will be yours to walk away with and I will forever work to generate the tools that support your efforts and enable others to take the plunge.

Participants will need to bring their own tents/vans with facilities available for use after August 15th. Participants will be given a guided tour of lessons learned to date and will assist on the project to gain a feel for timing, effort and skill required. Ultimately, learning is doing at the end of the day. The schedule may vary somewhat depending on milestones and will be edited as the summer progresses but consists of the following:

  • May-July – excavating and pouring foundations
  • May onward – Interior finishing work
  • June – Solar system install
  • July-August – Building yurt decks
  • August – November – Erecting yurts
      • (Weekends August 24th-25th, September 21-22, October 12-13)

As they say, there is no time like the present. Want to learn how to build and live in an affordable tiny home/yurt? See you at the pass, Poncha Pass.

Please write to Chris.white.mr@gmail.com for details.



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