Surfing and the city life
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Written by Chris

July 5, 2009

The city life…as Bob Marley said it best, “The concrete Jungle” To live is the city is to live the life of it, to hear it. In Lima Peru, it calls out to you from a distant car alarm, then another, as they pick up and rise in chores throughout the day. The horns follow and the beat goes on. Refuge in this sprawling 8 million-person city is close though; one only has to look to the ocean. Lima runs along a large section of the Pacific coast dotted with surf beach after surf beach. It starts in the north at Punta Roquilas where generally the larger waves of your average day can be found. With a quick curl and close sets it makes for a good intermediate to advanced local hotspot.

Just down the road lie the beaches of Pampilla and Makaha. Pampilla is a lax area with good waves arriving in equally spaced solid sets. If you’re new to the sport and looking to rent or looking to buy some cheap second hand gear as I was, Makaha is the beach to go to. A board and suit will generally run you 30 soles if you’re a foreigner. If you stick around, you’ll generally be able to get both for 20 or one or the other for 10 soles. Located just up shore and in front of the busy shopping center of Locomar makes it easy to find.

Redondo on the other side of the pier experiences less surfers and an often more erratic wave. Good time having the waves to yourself though. Barrancuito is probably where I’ve spent most my time. You’ll always find a solid wave and a sandy beach to go in and out on. A locals spot and the parking attendant hooks it up with a cold shower after getting out for a sole or two, a nice perk. In front of Chorillos, one finds Triangulo. Although I haven’t been and the fact that normally it isn’t a place to surf, today I was proven wrong. Coming back from a surf competition in Punto Alto just south of Lime (6m) waves), a perfect 3 meter wave was breaking over glass at Triangulo. If it’s a good day and your skills are up to par, I’d hit it. Last beach at the end of the road, you’ll find your way onto a dirt road where there is a point break and the 3 meter is the norm. You’ll know when your there, written in the cliffs.

            Hitting any one of these 7 spots will keep you entertained and definitely introduce you to the sport if you haven’t yet been so. Its been great getting the hang of the sport and realizing what peace of mind and bliss it brings to the many who know it. Of course the blue waters of San Bartolo and Cerra Azul are there to great you just an hour or two down the coasts, but that’s another tale.  For surfing an early morning before work or catching a late afternoon set, the waves of Lima are the peace it has to offer.

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