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Written by Chris

June 29, 2014

Finding myself in the middle of multiple projects, there seems to be less time to write here. What I will say is a quick word on keeping an eye on the horizon.

The idea of a single career or job title seems to be a thing of the past. As our world becomes progressively integrated, I believe it is increasingly relevant and important to have multiple interests on the go. Finding synergies where multiple skills are applicable, make the individual more resilient to changing times, more relevant, and more importantly, in a position to define their own future.

In 2010, I was laid off suddenly from the Land Conservancy of BC and found myself scrambling for work. Lacking finances for extended unemployment, I searched everywhere sending out 1 to 5 applications a day. It was incredibly taxing and after a few months, I ended up moving to the coast where I was able to locate some great opportunities. As stressful as the time was, it ended up being a rewarding experience in realizing there is no such thing as job security. In coming to terms with this fact, since then, while committed to the effort at hand, I always find myself spending a small part of my day exploring new options. Whether it is learning a language, looking for new jobs, locating educational opportunities, or coming up with projects at home, each and every proactive action yields movement and space. It has not always been clear how starting a garden, or listening to Spanish tapes, or writing a blog yields career prospects, but over time I’ve noticed the increasing number of stones available to jump to.

Those more numerous stones also allow for more directions for the individual to take. With increasing choices, the working class is able to define the jobs that they choose to accept. Instead of taking what we can get, the tables flip and we pursue the future we want to see. It allows our generation the ability to maintain morality and ethics. Many employers are realizing this inherent fact and are working hard to make working conditions and company mission statements more favorable to maintain employees.

Thus, not only is it our generations responsibility to be informed as citizens, a.k.a. “consumers”, it is increasingly becoming important to put ourselves in positions where we define what work we will do, and to that end, we should celebrate the hobby, the self-taught internet lessons, challenging each other to volunteer, and keeping that one eye on the horizon; for what comes next is more up to oneself than we are led to believe.


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