10 Ways to Start living Green
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Written by Chris

August 20, 2009

In the modern age of the 21st century, mankind continues to break through the limits regarding technology, infrastructure, art, and overall cultural growth. Although our buildings become bigger, our networks and communication more complex, the changes we see before us can never be considered as progress or a way forward into the future if this way of living does not reflect sustainable living.

It has only been within the last few decades that we have realized and studied how we are not only changing our natural environment, but the rate at which we are consuming our resources is leading us into a terminal result. SO…. we now know we need to change. As a society and whole certainly, but as an individual, definitely. When we as a people decide to change our ways and build a demand for a new standard of living, it will  be society that follows, for we are its founders. Here are 10 ways to make sustainable, or green living a part of your life.

If you find 10 ways to start living green already part of your life, check out 10 more difficult ways to live green and if your still on top of it, there are always 10 challenging and rewarding ways to live green:

10 ways to start living green:

1.)Don’t litter-  Pick up one piece of trash each day and put it in the proper disposal. People learn from example and we are extremely observant creatures by nature. Not only do you get to feel good about it and help make our world cleaner, you never know who’s looking and learning.

2.)Use a refillable water bottle instead of buying new ones every day. You will not only save tons of plastic, but also money.

3.)If it’s yellow, let it mellow. This refers to conserving the water we use from toilets if it slipped you.

4.)Buy groceries from local vendors.

5.)When you buy something, take a bag from home and save some plastic.

6.)If your not using your computer, television, or other electrical appliance that hibernates, turn it off.

7.)If you leave your room, house, or change locations within your house, turn off the lights.

8.)Turn off the water while brushing your teeth .

9.) use reusable containers (lunch boxes) and utensils and avoid buying Styrofoam, or plastic that often comes with fast food.

10.)Show this to a friend, show them something like this or just start a conversation about ways to live green.

10 more difficult ways to live green:

1.) Take the bus, walk,  run, or bike to get you somewhere at least once a day; It’s healthy too!

2.) Make an effort to buy products with less wrapping. Buying a large 3 liter bottle of water and refilling a reusable bottle over and over uses less plastic than 3 one liter bottles. Bananas have their own natural wrapping…do you really have to put them into a bag before buying…be conscious of what you buy and how.


4.) Have a compost! It is easy to scrap organic matter into a separate container and later take it outside to a larger receptacle. Makes for awesome soil, great for all plants and even better if you have your own vegetable garden.

5.) Demand green choices from yourself. If you have a choice between two options such as places to stay for the night and they are relatively equal in price and accommodation, look for the greener option. If we demand it together, it becomes valued as anything else and perhaps provided as a future service, common as a bar of soap. It’s up to us!

6.) Buy energy efficient light bulbs, electronics, and materials.

7.) If you drive, keep your car tuned to optimal driving conditions. Just by changing the oil regularly and disposing of it properly, one can increase their gas millage dramatically.

8.) 3 R’s- Reduce, (Don’t buy things that aren’t necessary and use things until they have to be replaced), Recycle (dispose of waste in proper receptacles) and Reuse, (giving used clothes to someone else or using old garden hoses as hangers in the garage.

9.) Cook- By cooking yourself, you have the ability to choose who you buy from, how you prepare your food, and what you use to cook. Best way to conserve is to take charge. Understandably, this may not be possible every night of the week or for everyone.

10.) Leave a comment here with another way to live green and help spread the word!

10 challenging and rewarding ways to live green:

1.) Start a vegetable garden if you have the space for one. Tomatoes, beans and peppers are a great start, but it depends on where you live. Not only will your small piece of land go to a productive use, the costs of producing those vegetables elsewhere and transporting them to market will be reduced. Plus, home grown always tastes better.

2.) Become a Vegetarian: I didn’t say these were easy but rewarding. Did you know that 10 times as many vegetarians can live off the same land as carnivores. Because meat eaters require the existence of an extra trophic level, or step in the food chain, only 10 percent of the energy that a cow, or pig takes in will be absorbed by a human. We could feed 10 times the number of people if we didn’t eat meat! I continue to struggle with this one myself, but if you find a source of protein to supplement your change, it is easier.

3.) Start a recycling program. Could be in your room (using both sides of a piece of paper before tossing it), your house, your school, or place of work. There are programs around the world offering payment for cans, plastic, subsidies, or free pick up. Find the one in your area that works best for you. Don’t have one, start one.

4.) Join a cause: There are green projects all over the world underway. Some for profit, some programs just breaking even, and some fighting for the genuine health and wellness for both mankind and the world as we know it. Become a part of it! Get involved! RepowerAmerica.com is an easy and effective start for those living in the United States, although it isn’t for everyone.

5.) Green up your home:

Water- many water conservation processes can be installed into your house such as buying rain collection barrels to put under the drains from your roof. Create water absorbing tree wells around your house instead of planters where water naturally runs off them. Water efficient toilets work too.

Energy- Solar technology is increasingly becoming cheaper and more efficient. Solar panels in sunny areas cheapen an electrical bill and may entitle you to certain tax breaks.

6.) Plant a garden that fits with the climate you live in. If you live in a desert, buy desert species, or water hardy plants. You would be amazed at the number of different species offered at a local plant store.

7.) Teach or volunteer with green stewardship programs, babysitting, grammar school, or after school programs. Kids are the future for which we live; lead by example and show them ways and reasons to live green.

8.) Go hybrid!

9.) Buy organic. Often organic means it is more expensive, but better quality and greener methods to the same result. Not for everyone, but if you can manage to spend a little extra cash on green methods, they become more popular, cheaper and an overall future solutions to inefficient practices.

10.) Live as green as possible- all these above, the ones not listed, and ideas to come; Embrace the ones you can and spread the word by being a living example.

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