Going to war with the climate crisis
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Written by Chris

May 16, 2019

Houston, we have a problem. As reports become increasingly dire by the week with headlines stating we have less than 5 years left to make significant reductions in carbon emissions before run away warming begins to take place or that 1 million species face extinction, it is time for our generation to declare war on climate change and carbon emissions.

Grafted 40 apple trees of 10 varieties. Hopefully there will be a food forest of local produce in the decades to come.

I state war because it is through the lens of history in which the mobilization of countries during World War I & II, that we saw entire peoples dedicate their lives, livelihoods, their everything towards the cause at hand. Entire countries were re-purposed, factories were put into new services, people dropped what they were doing and signed up for often one-way trips in the hopes that their sacrifice might change the course of history. China as a nation has actually begun to do so, sending 60,000 troops to plant forests the size of North Carolina in a bid to stem pollution. This is what we need more of from our governments. Some have declared climate emergencies and now it is time to act on those declarations. In the United States, it starts by supporting some version of the Green New Deal and candidates that will enact that Deal in 2020.

Planted 30 pine trees for $90 and hope to increase this annual commitment each year.

Of course, during a war effort, we can not solely rely on government, especially the governments currently in power that are more interested in the status quo. We must internalize it and act individually. We can talk about the climate crisis and discuss how it is destroying our world until we are blue in the face. Yet, if we do not choose to act personally, and act boldly each day with conviction towards making a difference or improving our commitments, we are doomed to see this mass extinction event to its conclusion. It will include ourselves, our loved ones, and most certainly our children. When I look at social media or talk to people with children, they both act and say things in a way that show their conviction to do whatever it takes to provide a safe and good life for their kids. Yet here it is, here is the moment that those kids will look back on when they are your age. They will reflect on this moment and know whether we personally did everything we could or if we brushed it off.

Bought two pounds of wildflower seed to spread around to support the bees. So easy and never felt more at peace than taking a walk and tossing seed.

They will remember growing up and driving around in the family car, eating the food that was cooked for them, living a life style chosen for them. Our actions will forever be remembered in plain view and weighed with whether we really tried to make a difference for the future of those kids and their generation.

I am building a community yurt. The intention is to host classes on the process and all the details, to offer a blue print if you will. Hope for early childhood reading and wellness programs in the future as well.

It is an intense thought and an unpleasant one as it demands action from ourselves without sugar coating it. It is black and white and greyness will not be tolerated in the future given this subject at hand. Did we choose to drive a SUV without cause, did we make it a point to travel without some level of purpose or added volunteerism. Did we eat steak every night, or not put our houses on solar? They are tough things to consider because it requires a change in life style. Yet, they are the very things that will be remembered by a generation yet to truly comprehend the choices made by ourselves on their behalf.

Putting Yurts At Poncha Pass on solar. It cost more up front, but will pay off in the long run. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

Is it doom and gloom? Does it cause you anxiety, climate anxiety? It only should if you know the climate emergency to be real and you continue to not change your habits. Is there anything really wrong with biking more? Traveling to closer places for vacation more often instead of distant lands for a week? Eating vegetarian five nights a week? Divestment? Most of these are not only healthy and financially sound changes, but a pathway towards simpler stress free lives. It starts with us if it ever is going to start at all and there is no time like the present. I personally find the more action I take, the more liberated I feel from this climate anxiety because I am getting closer and closer to doing all I can do; putting all my cards on the table and getting to a place where I won’t live with regret because I tried my best. It is time to fight for your kids lives as if they depend on it, because they do.





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