Fishing the Colorado
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Written by Chris

August 17, 2014

The stream flows in the curve of a continual s. The headwaters of the mighty Colorado are still small here. I walk across them from time to time where it is shallow and the water flows around my ankles; cold, melted snow. The sun is shining but the clouds hang above the west horizon of Rocky National Park, ready to sweep down the valley, across the fields of tall grasses where I saw a herd early this morning, and across the river.IMG_2471

I flick the rod back and forth over my head in slow repetitive motions; the line arches back and forth, the small fly drying in the wind. I purposely move the rod forward as the fly comes to settle above a pool. The stream pulls the moth looking hook into a deeper pool behind a log, fallen some time ago. It swirls in the eddy and a shadow stirs. The shadow tracks the fly, moves suddenly to the surface and explodes through the glass surface.

I pull up on the rod and feel the tension of the brook trout on the line. Standing on the bank of the stream in wet sneakers, I maneuver the rod towards the shore and gently pull the line in. The small fish is no bigger than eight inches and similar to the fish I’ve been catching since dawn. The fish moves in circles as I move him closer and then pulling the line in, the fish jerks as he comes out of the water into uncharted territory. I grab the small fish with one hand and remove the barbless hook with the other. A quick word of admiration and I toss him over the long grass back into the still pool. The shadow takes shape and quickly darts into the darkness, merging once again into black.

I smile, stand, and watch the stream slowly move along, imagining it growing in strength until it reaches the Grand Canyon where the river gains such strength, animal and human alike stare in awe. I make my way slowly down stream casting as I go. It is relaxing and beautiful. Yet, I am drawn to thoughts, never too far from my mind. It is the first real break I’ve had since Christmas and the longer it goes on, the more my mind turns. Like the mighty Colorado, I feel the longer I stay in these hills, the more restless my mind is to become.

Headwaters of the Colorado

Headwaters of the Colorado

Finishing my thesis, I have quickly found myself drawn head on into an amazing effort I’ve spent time on in the past, starting in 2009; the pursuit of implementing wave energy as a renewable, clean, utility. It comes as a bit of a curve as I thought I would like to head to the northwest in pursuit of more s shaped streams, flowing from the rhythm and sound of slow continual rain. However, if you’ve read my posts in the past, you’ll understand my excitement in regards to participating in bringing wave energy to life. Like gravity pulling the water within the stream onwards, it is a truth I cannot ignore.

It is quiet here, peaceful. I move slowly downstream and as I listen to the water gaining speed, I see my own direction accelerating towards a detour. But alas, what is life without the twist and bends in the road. They are what we live for, and I find myself excited to start a new project, ever accelerating downstream.

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