Finding meaningful purpose in mission defines success
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Written by Chris

July 1, 2018

“Whatever it is you do, focus on planet & people and if done with passion, it will succeed.”

This week I met with the county to present my building proposal. I sat in front of 12 people and explained our collective need for sustainable education, for the empowerment of youth, the fostering of community thereby promoting mental health, and the potential to do so in what I think is an elegant way. There were a lot of good questions, concerns, and ideas to think about. Although I did not get the “yes” vote, the motion was tabled until next month pending the acquisition of additional information regarding wildlife. Better safe than sorry and I applaud the county for taking the precautionary approach. It is however exciting that I can start on the first yurt as that would be a primary residence and as such, has been approved.

Living small is living simply – The yurt

What I find interesting is that I am happy to discuss and move towards solutions through an endless stream of work as long as it puts planet, people, and profit in that order. Although the work is daunting at times in term of scale, I find myself working through it with joy.

In addition to personal fulfillment, I also see that the missions and businesses that align to the 3Ps are far more likely to be achieved by those undertaking them vs. those aiming to make a buck. As our collective consciousness evolves to consider plastic, climate change, social economic justice, and equality, the gimmicks might turn a profit, but they are far more likely to fail in our current world as our consciousness continues to evolve. As people become fed up with things that don’t address real issues, they are turning away in droves. From not purchasing the product wrapped in plastic, to not licensing the construction of a project, the business plan that puts profit first is increasingly a risky investment. That is perhaps the most logical reason to design motivation around Planet, People, Profit. I say planet first because without it, the needs of people can not be met sustainably. If we do right by the planet first, we inherently do right by people and if we do right by people, they will value your offering.

So the case for designing your motivation to succeed is logically based on the three P’s in that order. Beyond the logic of designing for success, I think it is funny our society still projects the dated history of kings and queens of old. Still archaic in belief, we watch as people pile material goods and wealth as if they get to take it on their flaming ship to the afterlife or into their tomb for some sort of second coming. They do this even after it has been proven consistently that wealth acquisition is only tied to happiness up to cost of living. Truth be told, none of us are making it out of this one alive and all that we will leave is our legacy; our one piece of soul that lives beyond ourselves here on earth.

Thus, if logic pins success on helping our world, and legacy is all we get to leave, I ask you a simple question; “How important is that gimmick you think you can sling for profit?” Assume you make it, will that yield happiness? Or is it just the price of damage one needs to sow before they can become altruistic?

Planet, People, Profit in that order.

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