Embracing the World of Flexibility in Green Living
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Written by Chris

August 22, 2019

The last pour of the summer

The hour is approaching two am and I sit. Working the night shift, I have another five hours watching monitors before I call it a day and head home. Tonight, it is a particularly quiet evening, allowing me to put a few thoughts to paper.

My effort at Poncha Pass, like all efforts has ups and downs, times of flow and times of delay. It is the nature of any project or effort involving many parts. In our modern times, this includes almost all careers I’d imagine in one form or another. What I have come to embrace within this project is the ability to move laterally through tasks as I get held up on others.

Giant game of leap frog

Having difficult times locating a plumber or electrician, which delayed finishing off the first yurt, had me move to pouring foundations for the next yurts. The lumber mill delayed on my order for posts and beams just this week and so I pick up full shifts at the hospital until materials come in. That lateral movement allows me to continue to move forward on the project as a whole, even while delays present themselves. Call it obvious, call it a life hack, but the change in mindset is instrumental in reducing stress, staying positive, and ultimately moving forward.

Staining… all in the details.

I believe the more flexibility you are able to maintain within your own life, will correlate to the ease you’ll find moving between tasks. An example on my end would be moving into the yurt this spring being delayed. Instead of staying in town and paying a high rent, I moved out of town into my neighbors camper which I currently call home. Is it ideal? Far from it. Yet it gives me more financial flexibility and thus a longer time line to get the first yurt plumbed and electrified without stressing out. I can take the necessary time to shop around for the right quotes and still work on other foundations, decks, yurts, solar system, and tree planting to keep the project moving forward.

A second platform in the books.

Embracing flexibility withinmy life wherever I can, has yielded the ability to focus on different tasks and keep moving forward within this project. This concept will manifest differently in each person’s life given their unique sets of challenges and perspective. I do invite you however to ask yourself, what is your goal or vision for your contribution to this world? What are all the tasks needed to be completed or started for that matter in order to get there? And where can you create space within your current life so that you can line up continual flows of effort across those tasks as they allow for it.

Just a thought on embracing flex as the night ticks onward towards daylight.



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