ECOWaves- A reason for a Green Revolution
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Written by Chris

November 13, 2009

 Some may notice that from what I have written over the last few months has been geared towards sustainability and green living rather than solely a bio-world and what experiences and creatures are found within one. It was while working in Peru on the bottlenose population that real light was given to the past 5 years or so I’ve invested in biology. Working all day to identify individuals, we hope that our work will yield real conservation results of that species. But while looking at the pressures of fishing, pollution, and human population growth all around, it seems often more like a history degree rather than a marine bio. degree finding out how many dolphins we “had at this moment”. The downward trends echo across many different species and ecosystems and while blamed on many different issues, share the common cause of mankind.

It is a difficult truth to accept we are consuming our planet in so many different regards, but it is also a relatively new phenomenon really taking root at the dawn of the industrial age and realized in only the past decade or two! So how does one respond? We could throw our hands up, dig our feet in the ground and hold fast, but I don’t believe this to be inherently human nature. To this point we have adapted, grown, and taken on new ideas and solutions with each passing problem ranging from democracy to equality. So it is with this that I say we embrace the facts and the change. Find solutions to our carbon emissions, specie depletion, and resource management while maintaining economic growth and security… and it starts with us. 

ECOWaves is a project-based company designed to locate and assist sustainable projects around the world realize profit and growth whilst educating the greater community. By creating a network of specialists, projects, and a platform where information and resource can be shared, we will help to facilitate the modern world’s move into a sustainable future. I hope you can join me by becoming part of this exciting social network and help shape our future together. You can find us here at ECOWaves.

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