A New Green Movement?
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Written by Chris

June 24, 2009

 The Green Movement within the US has found a new powerful ally. Kicked off with a keystone address by Al Gore in July 2008, the new movement known as “Repower America” looks to grow into a leading constituent for political action within the United States. With over 2 million members since its initiation less than a year ago, its’ growth is reflected by the power of the grass roots Internet campaign of the Presidential election last year. With a nation wide platform, many of the same individuals who were mobilized by the 2008 elections have found themselves following up on the democratic fever and message of “change” and “yes we can” from President Barak Obama by joining Repower America. Repower America has seen a healthy growth and support by constituents in 2009 and may yield more results than previously thought with President Obamas progressive energy plan.

Through the timing of initiation and current administration, Repower America looks to establish the first solid public political envoy for green movement on Capital Hill in Washington D.C. Despite its’ possible growth and future ability to act as a major contender for the lobbyist vote and electorate alike, two questions remain to be answered? First, will the public’s support for this movement continue to grow giving it the necessary political power needed to make green change a reality? Secondly, will the constituents making up Repower America continue to participate in the united actions of letter writing, phone calls, and recruitment that Repower America depends on? It is in this that one sees the truth behind Repower America; a political information network that is only as powerful as those who make up the foundation. The 2008 elections proved that Internet grass root platforms such as facebook, twitter, and my space do work, and when done correctly, remarkably well. It remains to be seen if the same fervor can be sustained over a longer time. So will we support the movement? Will YOU?

I find myself jumping at the opportunity to push for a greener, oil independent United States. I see economic growth in the green sector as new technologies make wind and solar power options cheaper by the day. It is a broad platform that I share with many others within the United States and if you haven’t joined already, I encourage you to do so…or at least to take a look.  http://www.repoweramerica.org

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