A letter to America
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Written by Chris

November 1, 2016

Dear America,

What are we to do? With so many battles to be fought, so much work to be done, what are we to do? I see my fellow people, all people fighting for their earth, for each other and in need of so much support. Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock Sioux, the fight for 15, gender equality and say something. Each struggle a bubble, each a David and Goliath story, each in need to be told, to be realized and acted upon. And as big pharma subdues the masses and big fast food robs us of our health with rain forests disappearing as palm plantations and slaughterhouses quietly spread across our lands, what are we to do?

The problem is bigger than a racist police officer, or a misguided corporation. This house of cards leans on itself. One pipeline company depends on the NFL for distraction, where big fast food takes this opportunity to feed the citizens apathy and diabetes, for which big pharma relies on to deliver a cure to obesity while taking the opportunity to hand out addiction. This house of cards is stronger than it looks, but with a collective gust, it is equally weak in nature. The foundation was never meant to support a community, a people, or a planet.

But what are we to do? Pick a struggle and divide? Squabble for shared airtime in the rafters to discuss the most important issue facing humanity when they are all equally so? The nurses and firemen taking care of the sick, the public lawyers pushing back on this system from the inside, the climate defenders, journalists, and communal farmers; are they to put down their stethoscope, pens, axes? These public citizens are needed most. They are you and I; they are all of us that make up society. But if we can’t join the camps, what are we to do?

This house of cards is built on profit, consumption, our unconsciousness, and disease. If that is the case, what I will do is I will fight. I will fight each and every day for all of my fellow people as they fight for me. I will disengage from this wasteful society, this house of cards. I won’t eat your meat America, I won’t be consumed by your distractions, and I won’t engage in your peddled fear. I will exercise in defiance of the drugs you hope to push on me. I will grow my own food, I will buy and eat the food of my neighbors. I will ride my bike every chance I get to defy you of your so-called actions on my behalf and “interests of America” to develop that pipeline. Your house of cards is no longer welcome in my life. I will redefine my relationship to America; I am not alone and if you have known me long enough, many of my conversations ended with I was 1 and now we are 2. We are many now and we will redefine America.

We will invest in our own energy and reduce our dependence on your misguided corporations. We will bankrupt coal with our own power if you are unwilling to see the sunlight through this smokestack haze. We will educate each other in these means if you are unwilling to do so without first creating a debt ridden slave generation. We will carry the torch forward for we are America. You are no longer needed, wanted, or desired. Your death and destruction may leave now. And as you revel in this pending struggle, realize this; we will not come to torch your house of cards, you will not have to shoot us down and ask for more bullets and armored vehicles to support your industry friends. We will simply carry our light elsewhere, leaving your house of cards to crumble into the darkness. This is my life’s dedication, this is my hope for my fellow people; now let us begin.

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