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Written by Chris

October 12, 2010

It’s nice to get out into the air.

Yeah, I think your going to win that game.

You never know, you could come back and take my rook.

It’s quiet out.

Yeah, it is quiet, good old Santa Fe, you hear those crickets?

It is amazing how much rain we’ve been getting, oh my god is that a snake?

Holy Sh**, it is a snake! It just went under those pots.

I can’t see it anymore.

It’s back there.

Did you see how fat it was? Looked like a gardener, healthy gardener at that. With all this rain there must be a lot of food moving about for him eh?


Hey, check out the beetle! Ha, he’s moving right along.

Where do you think he is going?

I don’t know, you think he knows we’re here?

Only if I do something to let him know.

What do you think we are to him?

I guess some form of a “god” to be honest, some random force within his life that he can’t comprehend. The inability to know the vastness of our world from his perspective and the fact that we can suddenly change his life without him knowing, put something in his way, give him a gift, stop the rain? If someone did that to you, wouldn’t you consider it an act of god?

Yeah I guess so. Are you going to do something?

No, he seems happy in his ways. Haha, funny to choose to do nothing, begs to differ there is a larger force out there that can observe us, if it chooses to, could do something to us but decides not to or is just busy doing its own thing. Kind of like the telescoping idea, things can infinitely be small and maybe infinitely large?


Hey, question for you, is that chair you’re sitting on inside your mind or outside your mind?


Is that chair inside your mind or outside!?

Haha, ok. Well my mind is in my head, the chair is not, so outside.


Hmmm….  Alright I’ll bit.

Well, what if that chair was inside your mind?

Well what is the mind? I mean, we’re having this thought process and conversation but where does that come from, the conscious mind holds some form of energy and interaction people still have no idea about.

Lets say the chair was in your mind.

Ok, that would mean that everything is in my mind. That seems like an argument for the collective consciousness?


Well here’s a thought, say it were in my mind. Lets break it down into elements for a minute if this were to make sense. The chair is made of wood, a lot of carbon, some other elements, and my mind is made of a lot of water, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, maybe more complex interactions of elements and those elements are moving around a lot more than those molecules in the chair right?


Ok, well if everything is just different forms and interactions of elements what separates you from the chair?

Well I guess energy? My body has more complex energy, there is a lot more stored potential energy making all my molecules move about a lot faster in an organized manner to do a lot more than the chair.

Ok, so now we’re talking elements and energy. Here’s an interesting thought. Now we know from physics that energy is never created nor destroyed right, just conserved and maybe converted into other forms of energy? One of the inherent rules right?


So with that in mind say the difference is energy, look at the chair. That chair is made of wood, which used to be a tree. That tree used energy from the sun and ground to grow, then somebody came along and used their energy to cut down that tree. The tree was probably sold and energy used to process it and then someone else bought it and took the time and energy to carve a chair; the very same chair that you sitting in.


That’s a lot of energy! All this energy has been placed into this chair and now you get to sit in it and in essence that stored energy has to be something your using for the comfort of sitting, even if only a bit in comparison to your functioning self.

I guess

Ok, what about this environment, this clean well-lit patio? We’re having this conversation under a light which is energy coming from some power plant somewhere else and it is creating a nice environment allowing us to talk. I eat food, which is energy from the things we eat, and it allows me to keep living.

Right, and this is all allowing us to hold this conversation and you are expending energy to tell me something.

And actual sound waves are traveling between us.

Right, and as your expelling energy with these words, I’m taking them in or absorbing them like you are taking in energy from that chair, maybe not as much energy, but it is adding to this process or conversation.

So if we talk about energy, what you eat becomes a part of you which we know is true, but perhaps your thoughts and self may also be a synthesis of the energy that went into building your home, or a good upbringing, or a nice conversation which means all these different forms of energy are adding into your existence in one form or another. At any given point then, what you call yourself is the synthesis of everything around you.

So what happens when that chair is broken or we die?

Well, if we stick to this concept of energy, your body would break down and those elements would go out into the world and become parts of everything else, like the chair put to fire to create heat. But if your life is an investment of energy from so many people, animals, plants and interactions, begs to differ that every interaction you’ve ever had, you’ve also spent energy. So any conversation you’ve ever had, you’ve given in essence a part of yourself to someone else as well.

Haha, so than right now a piece of me is becoming you.

Haha, Yeah, I guess.

Think that maybe more energy goes into different people? So a student who has the means to learn more than someone who can’t go to school could have more energy, more connections within themselves as more energy was spent on that individual?

Sure, could be, but if we can gain happiness from a chair, shade from a tree on a hot day, or insight from someone’s book, than anyone could have any amount of energy depending on their atmosphere and the interactions they’ve had, knowingly, or unknowingly.

True, Makes me think that revolutionary thinkers like Siddhartha, Gandhi, or Einstein, or Aristotle had a larger build up of energy. Maybe humans can have more energy or brighter lights than other humans?

Yeah, but if we’re talking about a constant exchange of energy that creates these people, you and I, how many great people, cultures, and environments shared a piece of themselves to make these forward thinking individuals?

Very true, so then there’s no judgment on the individual because there is the constant process of energy being exchanged, shared, and absorbed. So Gandhi was maybe more enlightened but that’s because something gave him that energy to be enlightened.

That and how the energy interacted within himself right? We gain energy from the world but every ball of energy whether it be an animal, plant, or rock is also having an interaction with itself like an atom with the protons and electrons, neutrons, moving all about and so on.

Yeah, So maybe the soul is a matter of energy coming together realized and life and death is the continual flow of densities or investments of energy, shared and taken continually over time?

Yeah, makes sense. That also means every interaction you’ve had, are having, or are going to have is you giving a piece of yourself to something else and vis-versa

Well, if that’s the case than the chair most definitely is within my mind. Haha

Haha, well it is now.

I like it.

Me too. 

You want to finish that game?

Yeah, let’s do it.

I’ve put this conversation into word because it seems to make sense on so many levels. Every action, reaction, and moment of energy creates new interactions and although there may be times when we may observe something disappear, the effect prior to that moment is the shared moment in which it became a part of you and if we look hard enough we may find it not gone at all but just changed in form and shared beyond the single entity into the medley of balls of energy or stars everywhere.

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