Our Story

Sustainability, Community, and Education

If you are reading this, the stars have aligned in a twist of fate to bring us to this moment in infinite time, on this rock called earth, in these remote hills of Colorado and at this very moment of new beginnings; fate indeed.

In these chaotic and challenging times of climate change, racial, sexual, and class injustices, along with environmental degradation, the weight bearing down on our generation can be stifling. Yet, within the same breath, we are experiencing this delicate flower of a life filled with such exquisite beauty, our hearts yearn to celebrate this celestial moment amongst the stars. This jux position to live fully while making a difference, we find ourselves asking where does one begin, where do we strike a balance, and can we have both?

For decades now, I have tried to solve these problems from working on big industrial scale efforts all the way to responding to specific people’s emergencies. Results are always fleeting, rarely effective, and tenable at best. Eventually, I decided to focus on my own home, to get my own “house” in order and to build from this place outward. If I can put my house in order, make it sustainable, make it a safe and affordable place for all, a place of peace, rest, and learning, if I can do that, then maybe one day I can do it for my community, my town, and onwards. But it starts here.

Yurts at Poncha Pass - Colorado Yurt Rentals and Sustainable Building Workshops - colorado mountain wild lilys

The three pillars of Yurts At Poncha Pass are sustainability, community, and education

If a place is fundamentally sustainable, it means it can exist in perpetuity. If that can be realized, people are free to pursue their true passions and purposes. It liberates us from competition and fosters the birth of community, a oneness we are fundamentally all a part of. Enabling us to pursue a deeper understanding of ourselves, those around us, and our environment we live in, we can further extend our hands to others while deepening our understanding of ourselves.

Thus the birth of Yurts At Poncha Pass. Your degree of participation will always be yours to choose and it is valued more than you know. Just by staying here, you are supporting the effort to achieve this mission of sustainability, community, and education. The first part of your contribution (staying with us) goes to subsidizing May and October sustainable building workshops. These workshops allow people of all ages to come and learn the intricacies of what it takes to build sustainable and affordable housing. While here, students help to build and learn about passive solar housing that requires no external carbon fuel sources. Fully autonomous in regards to heating, cooling and power generation, we will continue to build carbon negative homes that act as long term affordable housing. Thus, as the project grows, it becomes a net positive for our earth, while increasing the access of affordable housing in this area. Additionally, your stay subsidizes affordable seasonal winter housing for young people trying to stay in the area who need to seek shelter from the elements from November through April. Your nightly stay funds all of this and allows young people to come and learn without having a financial barrier to entry.

Eventually, we hope other educational programs on wellness, mental health, physical health, and ultimately early childhood reading will come into fruition. This is the dream of Yurts At Poncha Pass and we are so excited that you are here.